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Can we bundle SigmaStudio with our product design?

We are designing an audio system using a SigmaDSP as the processor. Can we provide SigmaStudio to our end customers as a tuning tool to interface to our product?

  • No, the SigmaStudio software is licensed for use as a design tool and is not intended for use as a mass-market tuning/programming tool. If your product design requires a software interface for tuning audio parameters, then you should develop one that fits your product's need. SigmaStudio includes too many features that are more than what a consumer will need to interface to the audio processor - there's too much of a chance for them to do something they they (and you!) don't want them to do.

    SigmaStudio does include many features for easing the integration of a SigmaDSP into a product design. These include C header file generation, the Capture Window's detailed display of data being written to the SigmaDSP from SigmaStudio, and microcontroller-ready program and parameter data files.

  • Hello,

    I stumbled upon this article which has text that seems to conflict with the information in this thread.  The article is circa 2002 and could be outdated

    --snippet of text from article --

    "While the SigmaDSP GUI is intended as a dedicated tool for the system designer, it could also be made available (in a modified version) to the enthusiastic end user. With this PC interface, a user can have total control via a notebook PC."

    -- end snippet

    So is it possible to modify SigmaDSP and provide it to end user ?  This would lower cost for a device that falls into the 'set and forget ' category, such as a trunk mounted dsp with eq, crossover, etc.



  • James,

    The article you have linked to here is for controlling a fixed-function signal flow in the AD1954, the first SigmaDSP IC. SigmaStudio, the current SigmaDSP programming tool, has much more flexibility and many more features for easily programming a SigmaDSP. SigmaStudio is not intended to be provided to an end user for tuning or programming their products. Because SigmaStudio can completely program and configure a SigmaDSP IC, providing it to an end user would provide too much of an opportunity to unintentionally "break" the end product.

    This thread is intended to explain that the software, SigmaStudio, cannot be provided to end users, as is described in the software license agreement. However, this doesn't mean that a SigmaDSP cannot be customized for a certain application. Rather, that's exactly the beauty of the SigmaDSP/SigmaStudio combination; it makes it easy for a designer to build a custom program configured for your application.

  • Remember, as a system designer you are totally free to create your own standalone software that will control an end product. It will need to calculate parameters and send them to the target device. SigmaStudio will be able to provide you with information about parameters and addresses, but you will need to design the software and the PC-to-SigmaDSP interface yourself.

    Here's an example from a company called NXS. They create car amplifiers and distribute their own custom software to the end user that allows the user to tune the parameters of the signal processing. The hardware interface appears to be proprietary and based on RJ11 telephone cables that connect the amplifiers together. This is a good illustration of a how a system designer creating custom software and interface to the audio DSP for the end user.

    In summary...

    • ADI provides SigmaStudio to our customers (the system designers) to be used when creating the basic audio signal flow.
    • If the system designer wants to allow the end user to modify the DSP parameters via a PC, they must create their own custom software and hardware interfaces.
    • The system designer may not provide SigmaStudio to the end customer, as stated in the SigmaStudio license agreement.
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