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How do I change the sample rate of my SigmaStudio system?

The default sample rate for SigmaStudio projects is 48 kHz. I want to run my system at a different sample rate. How do I do so?

  • In order to change the sample rate of a system, follow these steps:

    Setting Software Sample Rate

    Locate the sample rate section of the toolbar.

    Click the drop-down box, and select a new sample rate.

    Click the "Set System Sample Rate" button to the left of the drop-down box.

    Click the "Yes" button to confirm the sample rate change.

    Link-Compile-Download the project in order to calculate and download the new coefficients for time-dependent algorithms.

    Setting Hardware Sample Rate

    Locate the core frame rate register in the Register Control Window and set it to the new sample rate. The name and address of this register differs depending on which IC is being used. Here are a few examples:





  • It's possible to do this in adau1452 evaluation board? It's will work?

  • This question has been closed by the EZ team and is assumed answered.
  • Sorry, but I have the same question but now for my ADSP-SC589_EZ evaluation board, which is not included here.

    Are there any updated instructions on this issue?


  • Hello bnilsson,

    I would post this question on the SHARC section of this forum. 

    SigmaStudio will work the same way for the SHARC DSPs, the sample rate at the top of the window is only for SigmaStudio to properly program code that needs to know what the sample rate is. It is up to you to be certain that the registers in the DSP are properly set and the clocks going to the part are correct to obtain the desired sample rate inside the DSP. SigmaStudio does not know what rate the DSP is actually running at. 

    Dave T

  • 电路硬件方面需要修改吗? 比如晶振  PLL的参数