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Wiring up the ADAU1446

Hi. I'm hoping for a little bit of guidance. I've been playing around with the ADAU1701 quite successfully but it has some limitations the ADAU1446 would get round - I think. Snag is I have no experience with AD/DA conversion or how to glue these things together. Is it as simple as it looks? Tie the lr and bit clocks together, supply a master clock and Bob's your uncle or is there more to it than that? What's the best approach, a codec or separate ad/da convertors, and which to choose. I need two in four out at most (could probably make do with two out) and don't need any processing/filters etc., from the convertors; the 1446 can do everything I want in that respect. Of the audio parameters, the s/n ratio is probably the most important to me. Any hints tips/warnings much appreciated. tia Gordon

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