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AD1941 I2C Reading Problems


I have developed the micom control program using AD1941 Sigma DSP.

I developed a custumized AD1941 board and it is working very well.

But, the only one problem is the I2C data read. (There is no problem when I2C data writing.)

I tried to read Data Capture Register using I2C, the reading data is wrong values. (and core register, serial audio control register too.)

I checked I2C communication wave using osciloscope, I found that there is no ack signal when I2C read chip address value send to AD1941.

When micom sent to AD1941 I2C read chip address (0x29), AD1941 replied no ack (High status).

I tested to read data another ic(ADC and DAC) if my I2C Read/Write function source codes are wrong, but it read correct data.

I checked AD1941 datasheet, I programed following datasheet page 18 and 26.

How can I solve this ploblem? Reading data capture register is very important function for my applications.

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