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How to estimate MIPS/Memory resource on SigmaDSP?

I'd like to estimate a resouce of MIPS and Memory on SigmaDSP.
For example, if FIR filter (512taps) is processed on SigmaDSP, how much MIPS and Memory is needed?
I'm beginner of SigmaDSP, so I'm not familiar to SigmaDSP.
Is it possible to estimate easily?

  • Tom,

    In your example, an 512 tap FIR filter will take 512 program instructions, 512 coefficients (parameter RAM), and 512 data RAM words.

    It's pretty easy to use SigmaStudio to build your signal flow and output the utilized resources. Every time you compile a project, a file called compiler_output.txt is generated in the folder in which your .dspproj file is saved. This file details all of the memory resources used by your current design. The latest SigmaDSPs (ADAU144x, ADAU1761, ADAU1781) also show this detail in the output window, which shows by default along the right side of the tool. For these ICs, the output also shows exactly how much of each of these memory resources each individual algorithm in your design uses. By looking at this, you can easily see what algorithms can be added, or how much memory you will save by deleting specific blocks.

  • Hi, Jerad

    Thank you for your answer,

    I could estimate easily my algorithm by this way.

    Thanks and Best Regards,

    Tomonori Yajima

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