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Clock reset - EVAL-ADAU1701MNIB7 Sigma Studio


I have a problem, as you can see from our attached files, i am using a button to control a clock cycle which in turns selects filter 0 to filter 3.

However, there is an issue whenever i link the program to the dsp board, it will randomly start at different filter selection which is not what we want.

Can i know how to reset the clock or how could I set the filter selection to be filter 0 whenever dsp loads ?

Thanks and Regards.

  • Are you using the latest version of SigmaStudio (3.1.10)? If not, you should download this from our website. The interface input block in the latest version includes a value to initially load into the count block, as shown here.

  • interface input block - Is it the one included  in Tool Box [ IO - Interface Read] ?

    We downloaded the version as advised, however there is still no option for us to change value.

  • Hello JeradL,

    We are still unable to find the value edit option for interface read block with the new download as advised.

    While we are at it, can we know if this dsp board is able to read binary data sent from PC ?

    We would like to control the peaking filters, attenuation via binary input from the PC instead of the current configuration of using buttons.

    Thanks and regards.

    Edit : Are there any more IOs that we can use from this DSP board ? MP4 - MP6 are not listed on the PDF help file or so i thought.  Are we able to use it somehow ? We intend to wire wrap a RS 485 pin directly to the various usable IOs to control filter and volume selection

  • The ADAU1701 communicates with your PC through the USBi board included with your evaluation kit. This board connects the PC's USB port to the ADAU1701's I2C control port. You can use this same I2C connection to interface your own microcontroller to write to the ADAU1701 in your application. Control of the filters, volume controls, and other parameters is done through this I2C port. The ADAU1701 does not have an RS-485 interface to communicate directly with the PC.

    The MP pins are intended to be used as button, switch, and potentiometer inputs, or as outputs to drive an LED or other flag.

  • Hello JeradL,

    We managed to interface with the DSP board with a maxim serial to parallel ic solution. Basically all it does is to send 3.3v and 0 volts to the button pins to simulate a button press and release.

    However, in our sigma studio application, our interface read still does not have an option to edit its value, despite installing the latest download. Are we using the wrong block on our schematic ?


  • Anyone here seen the interface read edit option as stated by JeradL ?

    We downloaded the new version but we still do not see the option to edit the value.

    All we could find out was the cell settings option


  • The new interface read block I showed previously is only available for the newer SigmaDSPs - ADAU1761, ADAU1781, ADAU144x - that do not have hardware interface registers like the ADAU1701 does. Sorry for the misinformation about that.

  • Hello JeradL,

    Is there any work around ?
    We need to fix the initial value so as to know which filters is being selcted.


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