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ADC, DAC or codecs for ADAU1442

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We 're considering to use the ADAU1442 for a project which needs many inputs and outputs. I've seen this DSP has 24 inputs and outputs but does anybody know which ADC or DAC's that can be used together? I think we can hook up 3 AD1833 DACs to have 18 outputs (which is enough) but I don't find ADC's. I would like to use all 24 inputs so I guess we can't use I2S but have to use ADCs that output TDM format, right? Thanks in advance!

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  • A selection table of our audio ADC products is here. The AD1974 is a 4-channel ADC that supports TDM mode. Since you are looking for both ADCs and DACs, it would probably be most efficient to look at some of our audio codecs (selection table link). The AD193x series of codecs support TDM mode and each have 4 ADCs and 8 DACs. These are designed to easily interface to our SigmaDSP processors like the ADAU144x. The differences between the four versions of the AD193x codecs are I2C vs SPI communication, and single-ended vs. differential output DACs.

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