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can I use USB Serial Converter (REV A) to connect to a customized ADAU1445 board?

We have a USB Serial Converter (Rev A) board which came with the AD1940MINIB evluation board. We used it to conect to AD1940 (via SPI) in the past, and it worked very well. Now we have designed an ADAU1445 based board, which has an I2C control port. Can we use that USB Serial Converter to connect to our board?

By looking at the schematic of it, I2C SCL/SDA also come out the DB25 on pin2 and pin 9. I'm not sure if it would work if we connect to the I2C control port of our ADAU1445 board. Under SigmaStudio, it appears the connection between PC and USB Serial Converter is up. Do we need to do anything on the USB Serial Converter to make it work in I2C mode?

Thank you!



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