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DSP Audiobridge (audio matrix) with ADAU1442

I'm going to build an Audiobridge (audio matrix) for home automation. I thougt about the ADAU1442 with external AD/DA's. 
Is the ADAU1442 the correct choice? 
Or is there another better way?
I don't understand how i will manage a general call with the FARM. In a general call I have to route one of the input line to all the output? 
Aswell it is interesting to equalize any stereo pair of Audiodata (Output Data, to equalize the room with speaker separately). 
Is it possible to change the EQ Values with the external MCU? 
Can i control the routing lines with an external MCU to change the Signals to another output? 
Is it possible? 
Or is there any other solution for this application?
Thank you very much

  • The ADAU1442 is a very flexible IC for routing audio signals. Any of the input signals can be routed to any of the outputs, including using the DSP for audio processing on each channel. The SigmaDSP has 24 channels of I/O.

    All signal processing parameters (filter coefficients, etc) and register settings (such as routing matrix controls) can be updated in real-time on the SigmaDSP from a microcontroller.

    Does this answer your questions?

  • Hei!

    Thank you for your fast response. But my Question is not quite answered completly. In the Datasheet on Page 46: ... matrix, in which one-to-one connections can be made between any input and any output.

    But in my case i want to make a more-to-one connection. I have to rout in example signal 1 to output 1,2,3,4.

    Is this possible?



  • Yes, you are able to route one signal to more than one output channel. Each output register allows you to select its source; there are no restrictions on using one source to more than one output.

  • Thank you very much for your help!

    Great support!

  • hello, I have an EVAL ADAU 1467Z in order, and my need it quite similar : an external device (arduino like microcontroller) shall will send audio routing commands and EVAL board shall be able to take them into account in real time, while all audio are playing : any of 4 stereo inputs shall be routable to 0 up any 4 simultaneous stereo outputs (with eventual audio processing in addition to volume control). Do you confirm that this use case is also enabled by the provided tools in sigmastudio ? thanks. regards.  

  • Hello iravelo,

    It's possible to control the parameter in real time from an external controller. I have attached basic audio routing program. In that you can write to the address of the DCs cell which are acting as a index selector.

    Open capture window > params tab > Find  DC1 and DC2 blocks > Note the addresses > write the respective value to that address from the uC. So based on the value written in the DC cell , your stereo input and output will be chosen.

    You can also try routers. In that also you have find the address in capture window and write to the address based on the input and output you wanted to choose. 

    In the router example below attached, you have to write '1' to address 62 and 71 for choosing input 0 and 1 (that is ch 32-33 from the input block). Here all input has an address, you can choose which one you want to write to.

    Just try below schematics and change the inputs in the router window then the respective value will be changed based on that in params tab . so you will understand how it works. I only used it for input side but you can use it for both input and output sides.

    Mux will be handy in this than the router, However router has few more options. Choose based on your requirements.

    Kindly do reply if you have any questions. 



  • HI HArish , thanks a lot for your detailed answer, but i am new to all these concepts of mux, demux, DC cell, etc. Even without the hardware connected over an USBi, is it possible to use sigmastudio and experiment a bit with all those items before ? and also, does any GPIO extension board (with leds, potentiometers, rotary encoder, etc...) exist for this EVAL board ?


  • Hello,

    . Even without the hardware connected over an USBi, is it possible to use sigmastudio and experiment a bit with all those items before ?

    Yes, You can use Sigmastudio without hardware connected. You can design your program flow and get it compiled and see the output window(MIPS, Memory usage etc.) and capture window (Address,  parameter values etc..) for the particular program. Go to view in the task bar and click capture window , output window to know about this windows.

    But you can't expect any live outputs. The algorithms and program won't be running lively. You can just see few things in the tool.

    You can design filter and see filter responses using stimulus and probe. There are a lot of things you can explore in sigmastudio before receiving your hardware kit.

    does any GPIO extension board (with leds, potentiometers, rotary encoder, etc...) exist for this EVAL board ?

    Yes we do have few LEDs in the board with GPIOs, We have six AUXADCs  and two of them will be connected to a potentiometer in the Eval board. We have algorithms for Rotary encoder, push buttons etc.. with GPIO compatibility.

    Just search in the forum based on your application, You will get plenty of posts and some projects. Download and run those projects in Sigmastudio and see how those work.

    Kindly do reply if you have any questions.