Selfboot + writeback + I2C commands

I'm using an ADAU1701 in selfboot mode, using my uc to emulate the boot EEPROM.

At the end of selfboot sequence I add the multple writeback command (0x04) and I recall writeback every 100ms to read values from my DSP.

Between a writeback and next one I want to send command to my DSP, such as mute and routing commands, so I must send as master commands to ADAU1701.

So, I start in selfboot mode and I use writeback, but I also send command as in I2C mode (being careful that I'm not writing as master during selfboot and writeback).

Datasheet said:

"After the ADAU1701 finishes self-booting, additional messages can be sent to the ADAU1701 on the I2C bus, although this typically is not necessary in a self-booting application. The I2C device address is 0x68 for a write and 0x69 for a read in this mode."

So, it's possible to write and read by I2C as master. Then:

"The ADAU1701 is a master on the I2C bus during self-boot and writeback. Although it is uncommon for an application using self-boot to also have a microcontroller connected to the control lines, care should be taken that no other device tries to write to the I2C bus during self-boot or writeback."

I have respected also these conditions, but commands don't work.

Have I to do something else, like to set low SELFBOOT pin? Are there some special procedure to become a master starting in SB mode?

Thank you

Stefano Rossi