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No Master Clock ADAU1442


I'm working with the ADAU1442. I have developed my own prototype DSP_Board with the ADAU1442. See the PDF.

Everything was working but suddenly the Master Clock doesn't work. So there is no frequency on XTALO and XTALI. Before there was a frequency of 12.288MHz. Also the BCLK-freq=3MHz and a LRCLK-freq=48kHz were correct, like my adjustment.

And now there are only the 3.3V at CLKOUT, BCLK and LRCLK. At the Pins XTALO and XTALI there are 0V.

I know I forgot in my layout the 100ohm damping resistor on XTALO. But I think thats not the problem because it worked for several hours.

Is that a sign that the ADAU1442 is defect?

Is there a certain way how to check if the ADAU1442 is defect or not?

I would be thankful for any type of help!

Greetings Lou

  • Hi Lou,

    I believe I responded to you or your colleague about this issue via our support email system. I think the lack of the 100 ohm damping resistor could result in overdrive on the cystal oscillator, which could eventually lead to a failure in the pad. Please try replacing the device and including the 100 ohm resistor in the design and let me know if the problem persists.

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