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ADAU1701 vs. AD1941


I have to expand a digital-radio-transceiver for automotive applications by a DSP. The DSP has the task to equalize music by using various profils (e.g. rock, pop, flat, bass enhancement). The choice which profile will be used should be controlled by a microcontroller. Now I am looking for a suitable DSP. In summary the DSP has to fulfil following requirements:

-made for automotive applications

-I2C interface to communicate with the microcontroller

-I2S input and output

-max 5V supply voltage

-min. 2 MHz clock frequency at the I2S output

-EQ settings easy programmable

-EQ settings manageable by the microcontroller

I have found two DSPs which would be suitable but I do not know which one would be better for my application. I have found the AD1941 and ADAU1701.

I hope you can understand my request and help me



  • Hi Sebastian

    The ADAU1701 is not automotive compliant, but the ADAU1401A, which is pin-compatible and functionally equivalent, is OK.

    Here's a table that should help you decide:

    Sebastian's   requirements AD1941 ADAU1401A
    made for automotive   applications Yes Yes
    I2C interface   to communicate with the microcontroller Yes Yes
    I2S input and   output Yes Yes
    max 5V supply   voltage No, 3.3 V max No, 3.3 V max
    min. 2 MHz   clock frequency at the I2S output Yes, usually 3.072 MHz Yes, usually 3.072   MHz
    EQ settings   easy programmable Yes Yes
    EQ settings   manageable by the microcontroller Yes Yes
    Additional features...
    Selfboot from EEPROM No Yes
    GPIOs for external control No Yes
    Auxiliary control ADC No Yes
    Digital audio   channels 16 8
    Analog inputs 0 2
    Analog   outputs 2 4