[Bug report] Decay rate are wrong


when using Sigma Studio, all the elements which are using a Decay (compressors/peak, etc) seem to have the same bug:

the Decay rate is completely wrong.

To demonstrate the problem, I used the setup shown in this image:

What I did is simple: I use a RealTimeDisplay to monitor the output of a "Dynamics Processors>Envelop>Peak>Peak".

The input value of the Peak detector is initialy set to 1.0 and is changed to 0 at time==3000ms (as can be seen on the graph).

Here, the decay was set to 12 dB/s, so the value should have drop to 0.25 at time==4000ms.

The _profile_ of the decay is completely wrong: it is not a dB/seconds value, but rather something like a "linear gain"/second decrement.

Can we expect some feedback on this issue?