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Help, please, with printing Sigma schematic sheets

I found a previous discussion relating to printing Sigma schematics, but it seems the problem stated there wasn't solved.  I wonder if someone can give me a quick tutorial on this.

I am running Sigma Studio 3.4 and have a quite 'wide' Sigma project.  When I print it to a 17 x 22 size sheet (largest shown), whether normally or 'Auto Fit,' it still runs off the right side of the page, with a large empty area to the left of the schematic.  So I went back to the Sigma screen, did a Crtl+A to highlight everything, and then dragged the entire project to the upper-left corner of the Sigma screen.  But when I then went to print, and let Sigma do a Print Preview, I was still skewed to the right with half my schematic off the page.

How "big" is the Sigma working space?  Isn't it possible to print the entire Sigma project?  If it runs off one page, why doesn't it 'split' to a second like several CAD programs do?  Is there another way to capture the schematic graphic and import it to an image-diddling program?