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Help, please, with printing Sigma schematic sheets

I found a previous discussion relating to printing Sigma schematics, but it seems the problem stated there wasn't solved.  I wonder if someone can give me a quick tutorial on this.

I am running Sigma Studio 3.4 and have a quite 'wide' Sigma project.  When I print it to a 17 x 22 size sheet (largest shown), whether normally or 'Auto Fit,' it still runs off the right side of the page, with a large empty area to the left of the schematic.  So I went back to the Sigma screen, did a Crtl+A to highlight everything, and then dragged the entire project to the upper-left corner of the Sigma screen.  But when I then went to print, and let Sigma do a Print Preview, I was still skewed to the right with half my schematic off the page.

How "big" is the Sigma working space?  Isn't it possible to print the entire Sigma project?  If it runs off one page, why doesn't it 'split' to a second like several CAD programs do?  Is there another way to capture the schematic graphic and import it to an image-diddling program?

  • Thanks for sharing your results. From my understanding, the print functionality in SigmaStudio is basically an out-of-the-box .NET print library, so it might need some sort of customization in order to make it fit well with what we are trying to accomplish. Right now it is lower priority than other tasks (bug fixes, new algorithms, documentation updates...), but it's on the radar.

  • Never mind, I think I figured this out.  Evidently Sigma is communicating with my printer driver way before it needs to.  If I specify an ANSI 'D' sheet size for the printer ahead of time (a PDF printer in my case), not only does the Sigma schematic fit its preview area and fit the sheet, but it's automatically jogged into the top-left corner of the page, regardless of how it's situated on the Sigma (computer screen) layout area when you zoom out all the way. 

    This can be a supreme waste of paper if you have a large 'main' schematic, plus a bunch of hierarchy boards with simple circuitry, as each page (board) of the Sigma design is printed to a D-size sheet.  But if you print to a PDF page, and then use a PDF editing utility, at least in my case I can crowd several hierarchy boards on a single sheet.  Anyway, problem solved.