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ADAU1461 Botting



can you give examples about micro-controllers that cheap and can boot ADAU1461



  • Hello,

    We have some example code for booting an ADAU1761 with a microcontroller here:

    You can use the same method to generate self-boot code for many microcontrollers.

    We are not microcontroller experts, so I suggest seeking advice on other forums, such as the ones dedicated to different microcontroller families.

    One key point when selecting a microcontroller is that you will need to check the size of the exported system files to determine how large the microcontroller's memory needs to be. The ADAU1461 has 1 kWord of program memory (5 byte words) + 1 kWord of parameter memory (4 byte words) + many control registers. A full boot with a completely full program memory will require 9.3 kBytes (75 kbits) of memory, plus you'll need space to store the microcontroller program itself. So, it's important to select something with at least 100 kbits of memory, depending on the application.

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