something on compressor/limiter blocks

Hi everybody,

i have some questions on the compressor/limiter blocks in sigmastudio.

I quickly tried to play with them  once got the demoboard, then i used

it for other purposes but now i need to use them seriously.

In the tests made, i found most of the problems which are listed on other

forum threads, like the hold time issue which causes distortion on the compressed signal.


First question: has this bug been fixed? (i'm using sigmastudio 3.9 build 0 rev 1185)


Other features i was looking for, was the ability to:


-have the decay rate somewhat depending on the input signal.

I see there is an externally-driven decay envelope generator, but how then to

use it?

I would have a two time constants compressor / limiter, one slow for long term / average level

following, another fast attack and release for transient limiting.

Maybe the rms peak combo already does what i need, but how then i can interface it with

the external decay block?

Have i to "wire" this particular compressor by myself?

I already done this in previous products written in c/c++, but i have not many

ideas on how to do this in sigmastudio, also because some blocks are also missing

their documentation.


-set/get the parameters in/out the dsp : obviously the user should have the ability

to change the operating parameters . I read on other threads that this is possible and the

math to send the coefficients for attack, decay etc is presented.

I don't want to know how to do this, i'll read the other threads deeply,  but is this ok

for all dynamics processing blocks?

May i then have the ability to change everything runtime as i was using sigma studio?


As above, the compression levels applied have to be shown to the user: can i get them out of

the dsp runtime? (without sigmastudio).


Many thanks for any help.


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