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SimgaStudio Everything Went Into A Corner?...

I opened SigmaStudio 3.8 this morning (and SigmaStudio has been like this all day but I have managed so far) and found that all the tool - bars, logs, ect.

decided to go into a corner:

I also am getting a lot of .NET barf error messages such as:

I tried restarting, nothing happened. I am at work and it might take me a while to get the license key, so a  re - install is not preferable.

Any help is appreateated!


- Christopher Greeley

  • Hi Christopher,

    I haven't seen this bug before. To get you back up and running as quickly as possible, I recommend a re-install.

    Note that there is no longer a need to send an email to get a software key, so you should be able to download right away.

    Download SigmaStudio using the following set of steps:

    To download the software...

    • Log in to the Analog Devices website ( ) using your myAnalog account.

    • Go here:

    • Click “Download the latest SigmaStudio release”, or “Download the latest SigmaStudio beta release”, depending on if you want the latest release or the latest beta. Be sure to select the right OS version (32-bit or 64-bit).

    Here is what it looks like on the website:

    • Fill in the Software download form.

    • Under “Target Hardware”, select “Other” and then type “SigmaDSP” in the text box that appears below it.

    • Click submit.

    • You should then be able to download the software.

    Sorry for the sort of convoluted method of downloading the software. It's a new system and we're still working out how to make the process easier.