Parameter updates with Microcontroller

Please excuse me if this post sounds a little silly, I am a real newbie and following the procedure to boot up with a microcontroller seems like a daunting task to me. Is a there a way to boot up with EEPROM with sigma studio and then use microcontroller only to update or change parameters? Lets say I want to turn/off  a simple sine wave output to DAC0: in the capture window (output) I see 12 bytes of data is sent (see attachment). When I probe SCL and SDA lines to watch what happens on an oscilloscope I see lot more information is being sent than what is shown in the capture window. Can you please provide a simple explanation on what I need to do simply make small parameter changes to an already loaded program. 

I was hoping to load the program on  EEPROM of my 1701 minizeval board (and my own custom 1701 board) with SigmaStudio and then use Arduino to send commands to make simple parameter changes by emulating what is shown in the capture window (preferably over SPI).