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Audio sample playback in sigmaDSPs?

Hello guyz, I just wanted to ask, whether a playback of a pre-loaded in memory short audio samples (several mSeconds) is, or will be planned for implementation?

I believe a long while ago I asked that question, just wanted to find out whether there is any news.

Thank you!!

  • This could be possible to do with a lookup table, counter, and a few logic blocks. Of course, that means you would have to convert the audio sample into individual numeric points between +1 and -1, and load those directly into the lookup table. I'm not sure of an easy way to get a list of data points from, for example, a .wav file.

    I'm a bit time-constrained with other projects right now, so I don't think I can do the implementation myself, but I can assist you if you run into problems.

  • Hello again Brett!

    Thanks again for your reply lately, so may I ask you some questions?

    You will be surprised, but I found a way to convert a sound into a txt list of data points! It is very easy, so I hope this information might be useful for those people, who do some kind of sound programming etc.

    Shortly speaking, you take an old version of Cool Edit Pro, either 1.2, or 2.1, any (I haven't tried 3.0 though), open a sound file, or generate your own signal and then save as-> ASCII data file (.txt) That is it!!

    Unfortunately, the data values are between 32768 to -32768.

    The question is how to convert these numbers into float 1 to -1 format?

    I managed to import all the values into Microsoft Excel. I know that there can be a formula written in Excel, which can be applied to all the values and correspondingly convert them. The problem is, I do not know Excel at all. So could you please perhaps help me to figure out how to convert those values with Excel, or perhaps with some other program?

  • OK, I found the answer, so here I will post a complete guide how to make a sound file into a set of numbers, suitable for loading into a look-up table. Hope it will be useful for somebody.

    1. Create or open a sound file in Cool Edit pro (versions 1.0-2.1 will work)

    2. Press "Save as" and choose .txt file as an output. The out file will have numbers, but much greater than 1 to -1

    3. Copy all the values into the clipboard.

    4. Open Excel and paste all the values.

    5. Now it is time to remove the empty cells (caused by line changes in the txt file)

    6. Select all the cells, press Edit>Go To>Special, select "blanks" and press OK  Now all the blank cells are selected

    7. Press edit>delete to delete the empty cells.

    8. Now, in a new cell, type a constant by which you want to divide the data values (in case of a 16-bit sound file the constant is 32767)

    9. Copy the cell with the constant into the clipboard.

    10. Select all cells you want to process.

    11. Press Edit>Paste Special, select "Divide" and press ok.

    12. Done!! The values are ready!

    Now please if anybody could enlighten me, how to copy all those values into a look-up table and also which blocks will I need to play this table values? Sorry Brett, I know those are most probably sill questions, but please help - I am just a pianist.