USBi 1.3 problem

My USBi 1.2 is working properly on Windows 7 / 64 , USB 2.0 port

The USBi 1.3 ( delivered with ADAU1452 ) is not recognized properly , driver won't install.

Any help ?

Will the ADAU1452 wotk with USBi 1.2 ?

At the moment download bar shows green, but it wont do any reactions on signal processings..

Power is connected, and with USBi 1.2 connected to PC.

When in selfboot mode, the signal is fed through ( seems there's a default bypass program ).

  • Thanks Bob.

    Suprisingly the board works with 1.2 now here too.

    Still the 1.3 doesnt work, even onanother PC on XP.

    Maybe its defect.

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    on Mar 13, 2014 5:25 PM


         I just tried a USBi 1.2 with a -1452 board and it works OK (can Link-Compile-Download and perform real-time tweaks),  I also tried the USBi 1.3 with a -1701 board and that works too.  So it appears that the difficulty you're having is not by design, but perhaps by something in software.  An ADI engineer may have a more specific idea -- but deleting the presently-installed USBi driver in Device Manager, then re-installing SigmaStudio may fix it.

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