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How to determine which frequency band has highest magnitude

Hi all.

I'm using ADAU1701 and SigmaStudio 3.10 beta.

I want to design a Index Selectable Filter to cut off the audio feedback from  different sources, eg: microphone, hoots and howls,  Different sources of feedback might contains different frequency and cause terrible sound overall.

I need to know the exact feedback frequency at that time, then only i can give the correct index to ISF to select which filter to apply.

The problem is how can i know from the signal at a time, which frequency has the highest magnitude?

For your info, the ISF (Index Seletcable Filter) accept only logic integer (0,1,2,3,4......)

I tried to read a few frequencies using General (2nd order) Filter and output linked into Envelope Peak.  Then, I compare all frequencies output to a Baisc DSP> Max, but this component 'Max" only compare and output the highest peak analog audio signal; not a valid input for ISF. 


Thanks in advance.


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