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ADAU1761 jack detect with capless headphone

Hi I'm working on a project with the ADAU1761.  I have my schematic setup for capless headphone output, but I'd also like to use the jack detect feature.   There isn't much information on jack detection in the datasheet and a google search just gives me an app note on protecting the output from a DC line output.   Could you give me an example of how to hook up the jack detect in capless mode?

Also on my LAUX, RAUX line input I want to bring in a line input from a phone or mp3 player.   The datasheet shows a 1K serial resistor with an ac coupling cap.   However the eval board has a 49.9k resistor to gnd as well after the 1K.   I wasn't sure what the purpose of that was and if I needed it.

I've attached the schematic I have so far.

Thank you,


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