ADAU1450 routing matrix



Are there any know issues with the routing matrix of the ADAU1450 module?


The reason for this questions:


Actual configuration:

ADAU1450 and sigma studio 3.11.2.

There are no output signals at  S_DATA_OUT 0..3.

LRCLK, BCK signals seem to be ok. GPIO does work. But Pins
41,44,49,52 doesn’t work.

Using a software module of ADAU1452 from the tree toolbox
runs on 1450.


Any other hints?


Thank you very much. Bernd

  • Hi Bernd,

    There are no known HW issues with the routing matrix.  There are a variety of options for SOUT_SOURCE and perhaps you are not connecting up to the right one.  By default these get the outputs from the DSP core.  You also want to make sure the serial ports are in the right mode (I2S, TDM4/8/16) and you are writign to the correct output channels within SigmaStudio.

    Attached is a simple project that reads in from the 4 AD1938 ADCs and SDATA_IN0/1 and transmits out SDATA_OUT0/1/2/3 out to the 8 AD1838 DACs.   Signal flow is shown below.  SDATA_OUT0 correspond to SigmaStudio channels 0/1, SDATA_OUT1 to channels 16/17, SDATA_OUT2 to channels 32/33 and SDATA_OUT3 to channels 32/33.


  • John,

    we are not talking about HW issues but probably a software problem.

    Of course your small project based on the ADAU1452 works fine even in an ADAU1450, but if you replace the ADAU1452 module by a ADAU1450 module from the TreeToolbox it won't work anymore, for what reason ever.

    So it seems that SigmaStudio might have a bug in the routing matrix of the ADAU1450 module!



  • Hi Robin,

    I created a new ADAU1450 project and copied the same ADAU1452 passthrough schematic over to the ADAU1450 project, and the audio passthrough still works, both in 3.11.2 and 3.12 beta.  I also tested this on ADAU1450 silicon installed on a different eval board.  ADAU1450 project is attached.

    Perhaps the issue is with any modified serial port register settings from the default.  Are you trying to synchronize any of ther output serial ports as a slave to a different serial port clock domain?

    Can you send me an example project that is not working for you, and I will try to look at the register setup or internal framework to see where the issue is.  There perhaps is a bug somewhere depending on the system configuration which might have resulted when the original SigmaStudio ADAU1452 register window was modified to support the ADAU1450/1.


  • Hi John,

    that is really strange...

    I tested your file and it works fine - then I compared all relevant settings of your file with mine and couldn't detect any differences,

    Finally I created a new file with the ADAU1450 module and this works without any probs as well.

    So obviously my first setup file seems to be corrupt for what reason ever.

    Enclosed you'll find the "non-working" project - probably you can identify what the problem is.

    Kind regards,


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