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ADAU1452 code download

Dear Sir,

We are starting a project with ADAU1452 Dsp.  Now we encounter a problem

when we down the Dsp code(which from export file) through the external MCU.

The system is setuped by ADAU1452 DSP and one MCU. MCU will init the DSP and

down the DSP code by SPI bus. The system initialization as following:

1. System power up(both DSP and MCU)

2. MCU will reset DSP by control DSP reset pin, delay 1ms then release the DSP reset pin

3. MCU do 3 times dummy SPI write to make the Dsp enter SPI slave port.

4. Delay 400ms

5. Down the Dsp code by "default_download_IC_1()" function.(which from export file)

We confuse in the step 4: we must need delay about 400ms, then we can download the Dsp code successfully.

If no this delay or the delay time is short, we can not download the Dsp code successfully.

We assure the DSP selfboot pin has pull low(disable selfboot). This is very strange.

Would you give your kindly support about this?

Best Regards