I have a problem when load the EQ parameters on ADAU1451.

I build a 28 band EQ. T

The first parameter address is: 0x002B //DM0

The second parameter address is: 0x600E//DM1

The third parameter address is: 0x0030

The fourth parameter address is: 0x6013

Interleaving addresses.....and goes on, until 28 EQ.


When i load parameters into addresses 0x002B, 0x0030, ....,0x0071 there is no problem. At DM0.

But when i try to load into 0x600E, ,0x6013,..., 0x604A is a problem, the audio begins click and distortion comes.At DM1.

The parameters are the same and load in direct write during inicialization, i don´t know why. Am I missing any thing?