16 in 16 out DSP, Arduino


Hi hi

I'm starting a new project with the following specs

1 - 16 analog audio inputs 
2 - 16 analog audio outputs 
4 - Matrix mixing capability 
5 - Uses SigmaStudio 
6 - Minimum sample rate = 96 KHz

Which DSP chip would you recommend?

Is ADAU144x my best/only option?

It seems like I should start with an EVAL board... is there a board with 16 channel input and output?

EVAL-ADAU1142 looks like it has 16ch out,  but only 8ch in... can I add 8 channels easily?

EVAL-ADAU1442 Evaluation Board | Analog Devices 

I ultimately would want to control the chip from a microcontroller. From my what I've seen on the forum, it seems I would flash an initial program via SigmaStudio, have the chip boot in standalone mode, then send i2c commands from the microcontroller. Is this right?

I'm imagining writing the microcontroller program in Arduino. Does an Arduino library exist?

Has anyone used this AIDA library with ADAU144x? GitHub - AidaDSP/AidaDSP: AidaDSP project official repo 


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