Fractional Voltage Controlled Multi TAP Delay ADAU1466

I'm quite new to AD DSP and have recently acquired a 1701 evaluation board and a 1466 Evaluation board. I'm trying to use the Fractual Voltage Controlled Multi Tap Delay, but I can't get my head around the control input (samples, percentage?) and  the data format to be used? I can't find anythig in the documentation.

I'm using the SIGMA Studio 3.16 Beta Version of the program.

I'm trying to control the delay time of six taps with one ADC.

Ant help is much appreciated

  • Hi Dave,

    I am currently working with the very same delay cell on an ADAU1452 chip. I was able to control the tap delay (2 taps) using the DC input entry, but the result wasn't as expected. Typing in 0 and 1 outputs a non delayed signal and a max delayed signal, respectively (as expected). But typing in 0.5 don't give me half the maximum delay time. Instead, it outputs the same result as if I typed in a 1. I haven't got the chance to attach my project file since I'm out of office, but it is the exact diagram as the one showed in the documentation (the one example with 0.2 and 0.4 DC input as a control signal). Do you have any idea on what may caused this? My DC input cell number format is 8.24, if that helps. Thank you!