CES 2018 Demos: Speaker Linearization using Class D Amplifiers

Can you share the presentation (slides or videos) of the demos for the CES 2018 shows?

I am especially interested in the speaker linearization demo that uses SSM3525. What is the wattage of SSM3525?

Thanks in advance!


  • Adding a reply to bring it on top of the pile in case people missed this during holiday season.

    Any date on the release of SSM3525?


  • Very excited to learn more about the SSM3525.

    I can now use it directly with the newer SigmaDSP processors as it eliminates the need for a DAC.

    What I already like:

    1. Lots of Power, yet no heat-sink needed. I'll be using it around 20Wrms.

    2. Its mono. Helps modularity.

    3. Uses small ferrite in the output filter . Recommended part included in UG

    4. Few external parts.

    I will wait for the samples to become available.

    Its in ball grid package which makes it a pain but for initial trial, I am ready to go through it.

    Early thoughts:

    1. Eval board should have accommodated two power amps for stereo evaluation!

    I have an early questions:

    1. Is it possible to use the sensed output current to close the loop locally rather than looping it through the processor. I understand that the output power will not be proportional to the input signal but will be a function of the speaker impedance.

    2. Will AD be releasing the part in an alternate package?

    3. Will there be follow up parts with more power? 60/120W?

    Thanks in advance!!