Hardware Configuration Register Blocks- Data associated with Addresses is inconsistant


I want to note the address and data associated with the changes (toggle values) I make in the register control window

and use it with an external uC to control various settings in my program.

I am having issues knowing the data associated with addresses of hardware configuration blocks.


I create a new project and drag ADAU1701 and USBi blocks to the hardware configuration config window and make a connection.

I then go to register control window

Toggling and un-toggling of DAC Mute button with ADCs un-muted throws 081C 0014, 081C 001C in the capture window.

However with ADCs muted, toggling and un-toggling of DAC Mute button throws 081C 0004, 081C 000C

Similarly, data associated with GPIO addresses changes if you change the status of other GPIOs.


In the default GPIO window, if I INV and nINV GPIO_0, I get 0820 00 00 08, 0820 00 00 00 in the capture window

Now if I repeat the same with GPIO_1 INV, I get 0820 00 00 88, 0820 00 00 80

Is this normal? Am I doing anything wrong?

I expect any one function to have the same data value irrespective of the selection/ status of other functions.

Kindly clarify.

Thanks in advance!!

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on May 15, 2018 7:58 PM over 2 years ago

    Hello KKSL,

    Address 0x081C is a register so there are a number of functions that are controlled by that register. Look at page 39 of the datasheet for register 2076. It is the DSP Core Control Register and it just so happens that the ADC mute and the DAC mute are located in that register. So if you decode the hex you will see that only one bit is changing.

    It is the same thing with the multipurpose pin configuration registers. They are located at address 0x0820 to 0x0821. Look at page 42 of the datasheet. So this is why you see the same memory address being used for different settings.

    This is normal. Like I said earlier, if you decode the hex down to binary you will see that only one bit is changing so you are not affecting other settings.

    Dave T