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How can i get the VAD flag status on the evaluation board

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: EVAL-ADAU1467, ADAU1467


i'm lit a bit lost with the use of the GPIO/MP and VAD flag block.

Do you have any recommandation to know on the EVB if there is some voice acitivity in the DSP ?

I'm interested to use any MPx pin for example.

My project looks like this : 

thank you 

  • Hello Eate77,

    It looks like you are using the blocks correctly. However, you are running a little blind. You should have a ReadBack on the output of the VAD Flag to see what you are sending to the GPIO output? That will answer part of your questions. 

    The GPIO works very simply. If the value you are sending is a zero then it will output a low. If it is non-zero it will output a high. Non-zero means any bit can be a "1". So if you have an 0x80 00 00 00, which is a full scale negative 2's compliment value, it will output a high. 

    The other possible issues I cannot look for because I do not have your project. You must set the MP pin to be a GPIO output. That might be your issue, a register setting.  

    Have you found my YouTube channel? I have two videos you could watch, the one about ReadBacks and one about How to Troubleshoot. The one about the Capture Window is also useful for helping you to become a power user! 

    (78) How to SigmaDSP and SigmaStudio - YouTube

    I do not have a video about using the VAD blocks yet... 

    Dave T