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Analog Devices - Pitch Transpose/Shifting Algorithm

Category: Hardware

My end goal is to create a real-time pitch shifting audio device (ideally polyphonic but I'm also fine with monophonic). I've done research about the different algorithms in time domain and frequency domain which can be used and have some knowledge about their pros and cons. So far I've implemented a time-domain pitch shifter on a Cortex M4 that resamples the data at a different rate and this produces a decent transpose/pitch shift effect at the expense of some glitches and artifacts.

Moving forward I'm interested in trying out the Analog Devices range of micro-controllers since they are dedicated for DSP algorithms etc. My question is the following - which evaluation kits should I be looking at and does ADI/Sigma Studio help with such algorithms? For example Sigma Studio includes a Pitch Transposer algorithm but I'm not sure how well it works (does it produce glitches/artifacts for example)?