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Plugin making and dynamic memory setting

Category: Software
Software Version: Sigmatudio 4.6

How can I make a algorithm plugin with dynamic data like Delay.That is, when i modifty the parameter,  sigmatudio can dynamicly modify the memory allocated may be like "RepCount"?

For example,when i set Max delay time 1, the result of Data32 is 12; 

And when i set Max delay time  20, the result of Data32 is 88; 

  • Hello Euler,

    The memory is allocated by the compiler and there is no way to dynamically allocate memory. 

    With the delay blocks you have allocate the max size you will need and then you can dynamically change the actual current delay setting but you can only go between 0 and the MAX delay time. 

    What are you trying to do?

    Dave T

  • Hello Dave,

    I wanna design a plugin, which can allocate memory whth different size by setting pParam such like Delay Plugin. But it seems that personal plug-ins are not supported.

    Thanks for your answer.