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Could sigmastudio export system file without hardware connection?

Category: Software

Hi , I'm a beginner and studying sigma studio. I wonder if I can export the system files (the C header files) without connecting to hardware? I tried the "Export system files" buttom and it showed that "USBi disconnection" but I just wanted to get the C header files based on my design.

  • Hello pengyi12,

    Of course you can, just design your program flow and hit 'link compile connect'. Before you link compile connect, the export system files icon would be disabled, once you did 'link compile connect', then it will be enabled then save those files in the folder that you wish to save.

    before 'link compile connect'

    after 'link compile connect'

    You can also do 'link compile download' (the next icon to 'link compile connect') to get the system files. If you try 'link compile download' without a hardware, you will get a 'communication error' warning message, you can just ignore it and get the system files anyway.

    If you need any help, kindly do reply!