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ADAU1701 - Sigma Studio

Category: Hardware

Hello, I am using the ADAU1401 to connect to a Raspberry Pi for audio output and crossover. I have referred to the MYDSPi project on GitHub but was unable to implement it. I would appreciate guidance from the team because the Raspberry Pi does not have an MCLK pin, so I cannot output sound.”

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  • Hello Stevie,

    Excuse me that I have not personally used a Raspberry Pi so I will ask some basic questions. 

    Can the Rpi receive I2S clocks as a clock slave or does it have to be a master? 

    If it has to be a master, then there are two choices.

    If you are running at 48kHz fs and generating a standard I2S signal. Then the bit clock will be 64xfs. So set the PLL pins to the 64xfs mode. Look at table 12 in the datasheet. Then connect the bit clock to the bit clock pin AND the MCLK pin. 

    If it can produce an 8-channel TDM signal with a channel slot width of 32 bits? Assuming you are running at 48kHx sampling rate, then the bit clock rate would be 12.288MHz which is the correct frequency for the MCLK. Then you can "Y" the MCLK to both the  bitclock pin and the MCLK pin. Then setup the PLL pins to be set to the 256xfs

    Dave T