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EVAL-ADAU1787Z USB Communication Failure Error

Category: Software
Product Number: EVAL-ADAU1787, ADAU1787, ADAU1787
Software Version: SigmaStudio 4.7

Dear ADI team,

I encountered the same problem as below link,

 EVAL-ADAU1787Z USB Communication Failure Error 

How can I do now?

Added pictures
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  • Hello ElvisJ,

    Thanks for the pictures and screenshots. From what I can see nothing is standing out to me as the problem. The first thing I would like for you to test is if the USBi is set to 1.8V verses 3.3V? It is a small slide switch on the bottom of the board. This will cause this issue. 

    Then if you can take some more picture from slightly different angles and closer up of the eval board so we can see all the jumper positions? I can see some of them but not certain about a few where it is difficult to see. 

    It looks like you have the correct address settings...

    Dave T

  • Hi Dave,

    Please give me some time to try it out,
    Because my colleague is using this board, I will reply later.
    Thanks for your reply.

  • Hi Dave,

    I tried it today and it was fine when I set the USBi to 1.8V,


    thanks so much,

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    in reply to ElvisJ

    Hello ElvisJ,

    Awesome!! Thanks for taking the time to come back and tell us. 

    This will help others. If you are wondering why I know this will cause this issue? It is because I have been there and done that! LOL

    Dave T