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Compare available blocks for each device

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It is my understanding that there are differing blocks available in SigmaStudio for each device. Is there a location that I can reference what is available for each device? All I am finding is the part selector but that only includes the highest level specs.

Specifically since the ADAU1787 is recommended for new designs, is there any limitation that I should understand? Is this device more of a general purpose device than previous designs?

Clarified question.
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  • Hello kaipyroami,

    No, we do not have one place where you can see what blocks are available for which DSPs. 

    Is the part selector you are referring to the part selector on the web site that will list specifications like number of channels etc.? 

    That is a difficult place for choosing a DSP. It is actually a difficult problem because it really does depend on a lot of factors. 

    1) Your application? What problem to you need to solve or what do you need to do? What features?

    2) How big can your product be?

    3) How much power can you afford to dissipate? Is it battery operated? 

    4) What is your cost target?

    5) What package size can you tolerate? This is somewhat related to some of the questions above. 

    6) Does the part need to be automotive rated?

    7) What environmental conditions is it likely to see? 

    8) What is the human interface like? Will there be a system controller?

    As you can see it just does not fall nicely into a table format for a web site. This is why it is good to get to know your local ADI sales rep. They often know what parts would be best and they also know who to ask in the company. My inbox is usually full of questions every morning. 

    The ADAU1787 is a great part. It is fairly new. Yes, there are limitations but it is hard for me to answer not knowing anything about your application. Here is an example. One thing about the part is that it is a very small wafer level part. This can be great if you plan to put this into something that needs to be really small. It can be a negative if you do not need it to be small because it will increase your PCB costs because it is so small. 

    Give us some more info...

    Dave T

  •   Thank you for the reply. Yes, the selector that I mentioned is the channels, memory one.
    I am interested primarily in audio effect applications specifically stomp-boxes and eurorack modules.
    I would like to have a minimum of 2 mono channels/single stereo.
    Power, size and cost are not a concern at this point. Beyond the fact that the solution can't be 5kg drawing a 1kw. Slight smile

    Environment will be controlled and not for automotive.

    I am considering using a microcontroller to aid in interface implementation.

    The WLCSP was a concern but would be acceptable if it is the best part for the job.

    I will reach out to my local rep tomorrow.

  • Hello kaipyrami,

    Thanks for the info.

    It helps. At the moment this part does not stand out too much for the applications you mentioned. It is not out of the running for sure but there are other options. You should probably watch some of my videos on my new YouTube channel. This is a link to the playlist for an introduction. The ADAU1701 is a great part for a lot of this but so is the ADAU1452 family. The big advantage the ADAU1787 would have is with size and power. The DSP is not that much more powerful than the ADAU1701 but the converters are a little better but power and size are a lot smaller! The ADAU1452 is a powerful DSP but has no converters with it so you would need some sort of codec to go with it. It is so much more powerful and lots of flexibility for clocking. It would be good for you to start experimenting with some or both of these and get a better understanding. 

    I will be adding more videos that will apply to things closer to what you mentioned. 

    People like you are the reason I created the channel. There needed to be a place to go to for learning more about SigmaStudio and SigmaDSPs for people who are new to it. I have a lot of foundational theory videos as well. In the past it was difficult for me to answer posts like yours but now I can point you to the place to get more info. 

    5325 (


    Dave T

  • This is great info! Thank you for the recommendations. I see that the 1701 is widely used for this but I had concerns about future availability and have been burned by devices going obsolete in the middle of my design process. I'll take another look at it.

  • Hello kaipyroami,

    I understand. It is an older part but it still is super useful and I can share some inside information that sales of these parts are still on the rise! So it will not go obsolete for a while. 

    Feel free to reach out to me with a PM if you like. I would like to hear more about your company. Just be sure to also send a friend request so I can respond. 

    Dave T