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communication and recording adau1701

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADAU1701

Good morning!
Dave, my program is now finally working, however, I am trying to update my program on the adau1701 through a microcontroller using the SPI, however, after my update I can't make my adau1701 work anymore and I can't put my original program on the adau or, if you can, it doesn't work, I believe I could be writing it wrong in adau and this could be corrupting its memory, since it no longer accepts recording from what I noticed, so, would there be some way to reset adau to be able to restore his memory and communication process?
Note: I have already turned it off to try to reset the internal registers in case any register that may be set is blocking communication.

  • Hello Phil83,

    SimgaStudio will reset the part and reload in the program. There is nothing you can do to mess that up and keep the part from working especially from a cold power up. 

    So I am trying to think what might cause these symptoms... 

    If there is no power to the board? ( I have done this so it really is not a dumb question )

    Is there a master clock coming into the part? See if the crystal is running. 

    When you try to use SigmaStudio to program the DSP you need to shut off the selfboot function. What can happen is that when SigmaStudio goes to program the DSP it will perform a reset. If Selfboot is on then at that point it will try to selfboot while SigmaStudio is also trying to load in a program. Often you do not notice this because the EEPROM loads in fast and SigmaStudio is a little slow but if the program is large enough it may clash. 

    Do you have your own custom hardware? 

    It may be good to look at your program and your hardware schematics. There might be some clues there. 

    Dave T