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Implementation of ANC

Category: Software
Product Number: adau1787
Software Version: SigmaStudio 4.7


I am in the process of developing an ANC algorithm within SigmaStudio using the ADAU1787Z evaluation board. Going through the forum, I have found written in this link that 'all the tools to create a high-quality ANC implementation from scratch are available in the FastDSP'.

Also, in this link it is mentioned that an FxLMS filter is implementable only in the SDSP.

My conclusion is that an ANC system using a feedforward mic in a headset can be developed in the FastDSP by taking advantage of the low latency of the core and therefore by proper modelling of the primary path together with signal inversion. However, this would not mean that an FxLMS filter would be implemented. Is this correct or is there a method to include an adaptive filter in the FastDSP, also to make use of a possible feedback path together with the Feedforward path?

Furthermore, whether implementing the ANC in the FDSP or with an FxLMS in the SDSP, is it necessary to include one's own code using the 'Developer Mode' to make a robust solution? I know there is a manual available for this. Is it possible to have access to it?

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Thread Notes

  • Hello dv206,

    Yes, most of the ANC is done in the fast DSP. The SigmaDSP it used to monitor the quality of the ANC (a much slower process) and then use that to either calculate new coefficients or report measurements to a system controller that then updates the filter coefficients by using the bank switching feature of the fast core. 

    Yes, a few larger customers have used the DesignerCell to develop their own custom code but we do not have great documentation and we do not offer support for it. We simply do not have the resources to do that. 

    I suggest you contact the local ADI office in Sweden and seek support from the local field office.  They can communicate with the rest of the team to make sure you have what you need to make your project a success. 

    Dave T