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RE: Usage of wav player module on EVAL-ADAU1452


I have tried the procedure with the file from 
But it does not work on my ADA1452 Eval. 
When I download FlashProgrammer.dspproj  , and then verify target memory I get : "Verify Failed: readback timed out"
And I downloaded  WavPlayer.dspproj and I get no sound.

  • Hello stmoeller60,

    I split off this reply from the old thread you replied to. We have made some bug fixes and changes to some of these modules so I think it is best to treat this as a new issue. 

    Can you explain what you are trying to do? Then attach some of the needed files like the sound files and an example project file? 

    I have a good idea what you are trying to do but I do not want to make assumptions. 

    Dave T

  • That's ok Dave !

    I'd like to play a short stereo wav file on a ADAU1467 by the touch of a push button ( GPIO )

  • Hello stmoeller60,

    Please find the attached projects and try that in your board.

    Refer the config for both projects.

    Flash programmer setting.

    wav player setting

    I have used a 440Hz beep sound like file (wav) and tested the project. The file is also attached along with the projects. It's outputting correct frequency and I have verified it with a scope.

    Change the GPIO pin to whichever pin you want to connect to your push buttons and configure it properly!

    Kindly do reply if you have further questions.



  • Thank you very much Harish. Your project works fine.


    I tried to load a different wav file, and it makes some click-noise at the end.

    But I checked the wav file with a media player and it doesnt make noise at the end.


  • Hello,

    The gdrive link that you uploaded here asks for a permission. so, can you please upload the files here in the forum?

    Below is how you can upload a file.

    1) You can drag and drop the file directly from the file location to this reply box (text window)

    2)  Or You can follow the below.



  • wavplayer.dspproj

  • Hello stmoeller60,

    I am going to chime in here and make one comment. I have not downloaded your file but I did have an issue in the past with the sound file having some metadata that our routines do not strip off. The issue I had run across made a noise at the start not the end but it makes me wonder if this might be the issue. I had to go into the file with a hex editor and strip off the metadata header and footer and then figure out the size of the file. I feel this is something I think SigmaStudio should take care of but at the moment this is a low priority for bug fixes. This is a perfect place for a Python routine to do this... 

    Dave T

  • Hello Dave, 

    i will try to strip off the header . Thanks for rhe hint. 

    best regards 


  • Unfortunatly I did not succeed to strip the header.

    Also I tried to load the wav in matlab and save it as a txt file, it didn't succeed lto flahprogram: exception and crash of sigmastudio 4.6

  • Hello,

    Also I tried to load the wav in matlab and save it as a txt file, it didn't succeed lto flahprogram: exception and crash of sigmastudio 4.6

    While writing text files, please note that there should not be an empty space left out in the text file. If there is a space like in the below screenshot, then the exception error and the sigma studio crash will happen.

    Please remove the space and make it like below.

    Please find that flash programmer setting as well for writing text files.

    You can read and verify the written data by using SPI read like modules in the master control port.

    I will check with your wav file in the meanwhile.