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Stimulus&Probe works only once

Category: Software
Product Number: ADAU1701
Software Version: SigmaStudio 4.7

Hello all,

I'm using Stimulus&Probe to check the frequency response on ADAU1701, it works correctly when i click Probe button at the first time.

but after closed the response window and click probe button again, nothing displayed. 

if i reopen the project and try again, it also works just once. 

I build the project the insturction Probe and Stimulus Blocks [Analog Devices Wiki],

i have no idea about the reason. attached is the

 Appreciate for the help.Thanks.


  •      Hi Eason,

         Thank you for attaching your project, this saves us time.  I tried the project as well as some of my own, with ver. 4.7 and older SigmaStudio revs, on both Windows 11 and 10.  Each behaved as you described -- the graph(s) disappear along with the window.  I haven't noticed this before simply because rather than close my Probe windows, I usually just slide them out of the way.  Thus, I conclude that your experience is quite normal behavior.

         If you do close the Probe window, you need not quit and reopen the project to restore the graphs -- just click the Stimulus button(s) once again.

         Best regards,


  • Hi Bob,

    Thanks for your quick response and help. the verification on your side, i will slide it out of the way instead of closing it.

    I have tried to click the Stimulus buttons again after closed the Probe window, but the phenomenon is diferent with the experience as you decribed, no window popup. My operation was:

    1. close Probe window.

    2. Click Stimulus1 button and Stimulus2 button.

    after the operation above, no window popup, then clicked Probe button, the window popup without graph.

    So i was confused about the different performance. Hope for the clarification from you. Thanks.

    Best regards.


  •      Hello Eason,

         Sorry for the confusion.  Try this order of steps to restore the graphs:

    1. Begin with the Probe window closed.
    2. Click on the Probe button to re-open the Probe window.
    3. Then, click the Stimulus button(s) to fill in the graph(s).
    4. The graphs should again respond to your EQ sliders.
    5. If you close the Probe window -- repeat Steps 2 -- 4 when re-opening it.

         Hope this helps.


  • Hi Bob,

    It works correctly your steps. 

    Appreciate for your clarification and help. Thanks.

    Best regards