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Interface write block causing boot failure

Category: Software
Product Number: ADAU1466
Software Version: ss 4.7

Hi everyone,

I'm working with a project that need change between 3 inputs, so I'm using a rotary encoder to do this job.

The problem it's when I use a Interface Read/write block to save on my EEPROM the state of the rotary, next reset the DSP doesn't boot.

I think it's a checksum error, like the EEPROM values changed (because the iface write block), the checksum it's not updated accordingly.

I read on another three posts that can be work using a ABCD block, or write 0x00 on the last 8 bits of the EEPROM code... Nothing worked.

Think it's a bug? Because DaveThib said the last sigmastudio version, when use a InterfaceWrite block, the software already change the checksum to all 00, and disable this function.

It's not working for me.

The program:

The program its attached too, with all XML files.

Thanks by advance.


  • Hello IcaroViana2,

    I tested this and initially it didn't work for me as well. However, when I did the changes given in this post, it comes out to be working well. I guess you already read the post, have you done the same thing mentioned in that post and still facing issues? I hope you have written the zeros in the correct place. The above-mentioned post has a very detailed explanation of how to do this.

    write 0x00 on the last 8 bits of the EEPROM code

    This must be last 8 bytes which is the checksum. I guess you had a typo, yet make sure that you write it in the correct place.

    Please try this and get back.



  • Hi Harish!!

    I was did what asked on that post, but don't worked that time.

    After a good sleep night, I realized one thing about my DSP: Everytime I need write on EEPROM, I need erase it before.

    So I erased it, did the changes and downloaded. It worked!

    Thank you!

    About the byte/bit.. Was a typo, sorry.

    Ps.: One thing to everyone having issues with this: Don't forget do disable the write protection on your EEPROM. (In my case, WP pin to GND)