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For ADAU1467 Flash memory approval list?

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADAU1467

We read in the datasheet that "The SPI master interface has been tested with EEPROM, flash and serial RAM devices and has been confirmed to function properly in all cases".

Since the ADAU1467 EVK only uses EEPROM and SigmaStudio does not support Flash programming, it can not be pre-tested by EVB and SigmaStudio.

Please list the part number of the flash memory you are testing. 

Is there any flash programming sample code using ADAU1467 that can be downloaded for reference?

  • Hello Accipiter,

    SigmaStudio does not support Flash programming,

    It does support flash programming. 

    You are correct that the EVK only has an EEPROM and no provisions for other parts to easily be able to be used. Depending on which EVK you are using you can modify the board to allow for testing of other types of memory. However, it is not that easy to do. We have a bench evaluation board here that has a socket for external DIP packages but this board is not available and is very expensive to build. 

    I will contact the person who did this testing to see if he has the information you are asking about. 

    So what eval board are you using?

    What exactly do you want to use the flash for? There might be some examples already on the forum. 

    Dave T

  • Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the reply.

    We are use EVAL-ADAU1467Z for testing.

    Because if need to use up to 64Mb EEPROM, then 64Mb ERPROM will be expensive than flash

    In the datasheet it only mentioned that the flash memory will work, but no more data on the flash specs and other requirements

    I've tried looking on forums. No case discusses the part number for the flash memory or work case.

    Since SigmaStudio does not support flash programming, how to obtain the automatically generated code?

  • Hello Accipiter,

    Why do you keep saying this:

    Since SigmaStudio does not support flash programming, how to obtain the automatically generated code?

    It does support flash programming. 

    I asked you for more detail of what you need to do with the flash?

    What data are you writing and reading?

    How often?

    At what time? Startup? Runtime? 

    Dave T

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  • Hi Dave,

    The need for flash is for future function modification, and the modification steps should be minimized.

    The data of a project will be divided into two parts, one is the project startup initialization data, and the other is the function controlled by the MCU when runtime.

    This is expected to minimize modification times for every time project modification

    We can save initialization data as a binary file by "E2Prom".

    Then there are two ways:

    1. Ask the flash manufacturer to write this binary file into flash. Then mount flash. I don't know if the binary file format of EEPROM can be directly written into flash and used?
    2. Pass the binary file to MCU to be responsible for the initialization of ADAU1467, so that flash are not needed

    Is this understanding correct?