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Miscellaneous click and pops with delay block

Category: Software
Product Number: SigmaDSp
Software Version: 4.6

I have been tyring to implement a simple chorus effect on the ADAU1701 using a voltage-controlled fractional delay, and a couple of sinusoidal oscillators.

When I download and run the attached SigmaDSP program, the ADAU1701 outputs click and pops even with no signal present. These can actually be seen using the real-time display, as shown in the screen grab.

I don't understand the source of the problem, but I do know that when the oscillators are turned off, the clicks and pops stop.

I would love help from anyone who could explain what I'm doing wrong.



  • Hello markscohen,

    Do you have a system controller "talking" to the part?

    I do not see any traffic on the Capture window so it does not look like you are sending communications using SigmaStudio. 

    You listed that you are using Rev 4.6. I do not think that is the issue. What hardware are you using?

    Feel free to upload your project. 

    Dave T

  • Hi Dave: I wonder if you (or someone else) have further thoughts on this? I haven't been able to eliminate the clicks and pops and other acoustic artifacts.

    I did try running with SigmaStudio 4.7, but that didn't seem to make a difference.

    Thanks so much.

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