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ADAU1701miniz USB Input

Category: Software
Product Number: ADAU1701miniZ
Software Version: 4.7

Hi all, 

I'm trying to build a system that will send a sine sweep signal generated MATLAB to an actuator through the ADAU1701MINIZ via the USB. It is then recorded via a microphone and processed again through the board. I have the set up working using the audio jack but really struggling to find a solution using only the USB input - is this possible? I've noticed on the forum there is an USBi audio block but this doesn't seem to show in the version of Sigma Studio i'm using is 4.7.

Grateful for any help. 


  • Hello GaryJk,

    No, it is not possible to send audio through the USB connection on this part. 

    You would need a separate device like the USBStreamer to send it using the serial port but that also is difficult with the ADAU1701. On the MINI eval board the serial data output pin is not brought out to any test point or other place to be able to use it. 

    Dave T