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USB communication failure on filter parameter-change

Category: Software
Product Number: ADAU1462
Software Version: 4.7


I have a strange problem with my ADAU1462 based custom HW:

The situation is:

I'm well connected to the HW through USBi (SPI), .dspproj is "link compile download" and the connection status is "Active: Downloaded. DSP processing is ongoing and i can listen to the processed audio.

But when i now try to change the parameters of specific filter types (e.q bypass on<->off), the connection fails.

So far, i tested the following and found these to cause the issue:

- Filters->Second Order->Single/Double Precision->Clickless HW slew->All three filter types

- Single/Double Precision->Clickless SW slew->All types tested except ext. triggered types

No issue happens when using the following:

- Filters->Second Order->Single/Double Precision->No slew->All four filter types

Beside of filters, i'm using several other DSP processing blocks like gains (with and without SW slew), mute, polarity, switches, dynamic processors (limiter/compressor), delay. All of these cause no problems.

Does anybody have an idea how to resolve this issue, or how to further debug it?