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KPX controller board

Category: Software
Product Number: p1010385

Hello, I am having trouble reconnecting may KPX board to my PC. It was working ok but just stopped. I am hoping that updating the firmware will get it working again, but cannot find a link. Does anyone know what it would be called and where it might be found?

Thanks if you can help.


  • Well I did find the software on  the Parts express website. I did the firmware, it was successful, but it still will not link to my PC. Any ideas?

  • Hello Bobbee,

    I think the KPX board is their copy of our USBi board? They really need to be supporting this not Analog Devices. 

    Can you explain more details? The first step is to see if SigmaStudio is recognizing the driver? Is the "USB" label green on the config page?

    What operating system are you using?

    Dave T

  • Hi Dave,

    windows 7 pro. It was working for about an hour, all good. Then it quit and I got error messages. The window you show me now is orange. My PC wont mount or see the board unless I flip one of the dip switches but then its not the right format for the amp board. I fear it burned something out.

  • Hello Bobbee,

    Since it was up and running on Windows 7, then you have the driver correctly setup so the driver is not the issue. 

    I would quit SigmaStudio, power down the amp board, disconnect the USB cable, then Quit and restart Windows. Connect the USB cable and power everything back up. 

    What was the dip switch you changed? What board was it on?

    Dave T

  • Hi DaveThib i am having the same problem ..... it worked fine for mouths but one after noon i turnoff as normal ... 6mins later turns on fine but dosnt show on my laptop or in sigma software ..... i have been using wondoms software now but that only saves one the kpx board.... so every time i use my speaker i have to connect the kpx board for it to work ( i will work fine if i unplug it after but if the speaker turns off i need to plug the kpx board back in ) .... can you help ... wondoms software only has 10 band eq which is a big downgrade from sigma soft ware which made the amps and programmer worth there high prise tag