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Filters and ADAUx Devices SigmaStudio

Category: Software
Product Number: ADAU 145x 146x 171x 1887
Software Version: latest

I'm trying to select what ADAux part to select for a project.  I had a previous question (about Hilbert), answered that suggested the '200' core.

I'm going through the SigmaStudio (SS) documentation and looked at all of the filters available and noted certain ADAU products mentioned.  But I can't tell if a particular filter is not supported on the 1787 (my preferred choice).

The Hilbert is fixed (and I will import the coefficients) after using the SS Hilbert first.

What I would like to know now is what filters are NOT supported on the 1787 or othe similar ADAU's.  I note many require the SCARC, but I can't find a compatibility matrix.

For example, I would like to adjust (voice band) the lower cutoff, and upper cutoff frequencies (to adjust the bandpass bw) during run time.  Or should I just use he 8-band equalizer. In all cases (a microcontroller is involved) and can initale the dynamic widfet width chane.  I would also like to adjsut the center-freq of a filter on the fly.  If not, I will have a band of 5 FIRs to set fixed BWS.

Much appreciated. 

Thank you