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Read and ariete eeprom

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hi all guys, i need to ask you for help with the problem i'm having.
I have previously created a project with sigmastudio that I can no longer find, the project is in the eeprom of the board that works well and I need to copy it on other 3 identical boards. is there a way to read the eeprom, save on the pc and write it again without changes, on another board always with sigmastudio? hope you can help me thanks!

this si thriller board —>

that Connect at Pc with Programmer —>

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  • You need to write some code for a microcontroller that reads each byte from the eeprom via i2c, and after that you can do whatever you want with the data. Getting it to a pc over uart perhaps.

    It's some work but there may be boards out there that do this. Maybe look for i2c to uart or usb interfaces or something, or a eeprom cloning utility. You could also tap the i2c with a Saelae analyzer and just record it all.

    It's not something that is built in to sigma.

  • Hi, it will sound strange but I just copied all the content to a text file and pasted in the "Values" section then clicked on "Write display to eeprom" and it worked !!! all very simple