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Why my output auto-mute when i put a low volume in input on an ADAU1701 ?

Category: Software
Product Number: ADAU1701
Software Version: SigmaStudio 4.6
When i play a low signal in input my dsp seem to auto-mute the output. I don't think that came from my schematic knowing that i only put and input block and an output block with nothing between.
I olso try different input divecies like my PC, my laptop and my phone and the problem is the same.
The board that i'm using is a JAB5 form WONDOM with ADAU1701.
Any idea on the origin of this probleme ? i start to lose my mind on this...
  • Hello mrdar,

    Having a look at this JAB5 board, my guess would be the issue is caused by the amplifier part.

    As far as I know the ADAU1701 has no auto-mute function but it's very well possible the amplfier has.

  • Hello mrdar,

    I went to the Wondom web site and read the details about this board. Here is what I found:

    "Signal Level Sensor System

    JAB5 employs signal level sensor system for lower power consumption and longer playback time. It will continuously monitor the input signal and there is a preset signal voltage threshold. When there is no signal (voltage is lower than the threshold) detected for 5min, the amplifier module will enter into standby mode automatically, in which condition, it will consume lower power. When there is signal detected, it will run immediately without any miss of the audio."

    We are guessing this is done in the Bluetooth receiver. What I dislike about the Wondom products is that they never supply the schematics so it leaves you guessing. 

    Dave T